Jun 062013

It is no longer a secret that Israel is holding very potential market segment and many foreign investors are failed to invest their fund due to the political embargo that the Israel is suffering. Not all foreign investors are not allowed to invest their money in Israel because only several or few foreign investors are allowed to invest their money or importing products to Israel because the local manufacturers unable to fulfill all of the market demands. Israel is like any other countries in the world where they have to battle with piracy because each of the local manufacturers are competing to provide better products and service to the local market segment. The israel patent law is noting that there has been significant increase for local manufacturers to patent any idea which could affect the future of their company by developing new products to the local market segment. So, what makes the patent process at Israel different from process from other countries?

There is little information on how the patent process takes place in Israel because the political embargo forces this country to have limited access to certain privileges. But due to the many case of piracy, the government has to decide that they have to protect the honest manufacturers who are ready to provide and improve the quality of their products and services. Since the emerging of internet, Israel is a little bit open towards new opportunities and one of them the easy and reliable patent idea process. The local manufacturers and business owners in Israel believe that the government could cut down the patent idea process by eliminating certain unnecessary documents and paperwork as part of the requirement. It is not easy to maintain originality inside a country where many other local manufacturers and local business owners competing each other and have to be able to maintain the existing clients and customers. The competition between local manufacturers with local business owner is considered as tight because the amount of import products is low.

The patenting process in Israel is basically the same with other countries and what differentiates them is probably the type of documents and paperwork that the local manufacturers and business owners which have to submit and the finishing period. Applying for patent right means the local manufacturers and local business owners are dealing with legal matters which is why they need the help from tel aviv trademark attorney as they focus their service in assisting the application of patent right. Every local manufacturer and local business owner has the right to patent their idea as long as they can provide authentic evidence that what they have is considered as an original idea and not pirating other ideas. Patenting business ideas in Israel is one of the solutions that the government could give to protect their local manufacturers and local business owners because the people of Israel is really depending on their local producers to fulfill their primary needs as they can’t count on the importing goods due to the political embargo.

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